Visuals that Sell Masterclass

Visuals that Sell Masterclass

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DIY entrepreneurs can have a high dollar look without high dollar photoshoots and complex editing in Photoshop.

Why does it matter?

Every aspect of your visuals has less than 2 seconds to communicate your value. When it's a thumb scrolling through thousands of pictures on a phone it's under a minute.

How do you stop them from scrolling?  
What do you say to reel them in?
Where do you put the dang logo?

In this 90 minute masterclass, I am going to fast track you to a look that matches your prices and quality of your product or service with little to no investment.

We'll cover:

  • How to take quality photos (all you need is a smartphone, or camera and a tripod or a friend with some time)
  • How to use Canva to create powerful graphics (all you need is a computer and some wifi)
  • How to design a visual that invokes curiosity and emotion.
  • What to write on your graphics to grab your ideal client's attention. 
  • What fonts to use to create emotion and clarity.

The first run is Thursday, June 21st at 10 am PST. 

Replays will be sent out to participants to guide you as you create your own high dollar visuals along with a cheat sheet to keep you on track with the most critical elements.