This is my beloved love offering to the world. This group is by far the one project I do that give me butterflies in my stomach every time.


There is a magic when a group of humans come together on a regular basis for a common goal. 

This doesn't have a master plan, or a desire to conquer anything or anyone. This is simply about becoming more and more clear about our own vibrations and the way our inner landscape affects everything we experience in our lives.

There is no fire and brimstone, or one singular path to follow or rebel against. There are 44 cards that represent universal aspects that we humans hold in our essence. There is one animal to each card. The creature exemplifies an aspect in all its strength, weakness and potential.  

Within the story to each animal's "medicine" there are observations, choices, and challenges that give us a deeper more powerful connection to our desires and potential. 

The lives start out with a discussion (usual something straight out of my life.) I have found that our experiences are connected and that there is something about my experience that will synchronize with everyone in the group. The topic of the discussion is the angle that we approach the reading. 

I pull anywhere from 2-4 cards. I explain the meanings and how they relate to the discussion. I also give practical real-world application and exercises to drive the best of the medicine into deeper fuller understanding.

I answer all the comments and question on the live and leave the recordings up to be reviewed and further discussed. I answer all the questions whether on live or replay.


All discussions and information shared in this group is confidential and not shared anywhere else. This is to ensure authentic conversation and sustainable growth. By subscribing and participating you do so knowing and agreeing to full confidentiality. Any breach of that confidence will be swiftly addressed, that member will be removed from the group without refund and the subscription canceled.

This is a sacred space and I care for it deeply - this is a project of my heart.

If you have any questions feel free to message me at

All live readings are on Facebook in a private group Monday and Thursday evenings.